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Bob Marley: A Rastafarian's Tale

Bob Marley: A Rastafarian's Tale on

Director Kevin Macdonald’s Documentary Traces the Life of Jamaica’s Reggae God


Musical legend Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella, his former mistress Cindy Breaksphere and record-cover artist Neville Garrick ruminate upon life at the reggae master’s infamous headquarters at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica, in today’s film preview. Mining recently unearthed and previously unseen archival footage, Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald presents the first authorized portrait of the icon in an attempt to reveal the man behind the myth. Featuring interviews with family members and close associates, Marley is a cinematic elegy paying tribute to the musician’s philosophical convictions and social idealism. Macdonald chronicles Marley’s life from an impoverished start in a Jamaican shack through his rise to stardom, subsequent political interventions at the triumphant One Love Peace Concert in 1978, conversion to Rastafarianism and tragic denouement in a snowy Bavarian clinic seeking treatment for the melanoma which was to kill him in 1981 at the young age of 36. Shot predominantly in the verdant Jamaican hills and set to the soundtrack of much-loved Marley classics, Macdonald’s documentary is imbued with a romance befitting the enduring global appeal and overwhelming cultural value of the reggae colossus.

Marley is released Today.

Music , Bob Marley , Jamaica , Kevin Macdonald , Cindy Breaksphere , Neville Garrick , 56 Hope Road , Kingston , Rastafarianism
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